Friday, May 29, 2015

Roland Garros 2015 - would Nadal reach finals?

Rafael Nadal and French Open or the Roland Garros are synonymous as the Spaniard has always ruled the Roland Garros and is the nine times winner of the Paris crown.

But lately he has not been in a winning state that has taken him down to the 7th position in the world ranking - far below he ever dreamed off. 

Although Nadal has started to show his usual game this year and has already reached the third round, his possible clash with world number 1 Novak Djokovic in the quarters is something that will prove Nadal's fitness and Djokovic's resolve to beat his most fought opponent once again. Djokovic has already carried a 35-2 record into Roland Garros this year.

A quarterfinal duel of Nadal and Djokovic seems too early as elimination of either will take the other in a almost one sided show in the final. While Nadal is gearing up, would it be possible for him to brush aside Djkovic and move up?

Well to my reckoneing this is a rather uphill task as world number 1 would never allow this. Already many have started questioning: Is Nadal's reign over at Roland Garros?

What do you think?

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