Thursday, March 5, 2015

Maho Beach - the best beach to watch an aircraft landing

There are many reasons why people travel to find new destinations around the world. Some go for old relics, while others go for world renowned landmarks like Eiffel Tower or some travel to be among nature and fresh air of Switzerland.

Scroll down for a fantastic slow-motion video of aircraft landing

But a large number of tourists also travel to Maho Beach in the Caribbean to watch aircraft landing at the Princess Juliana International Airport with their landing gear barely missing their heads. In fact Maho Beach in Saint Martin is known globally for its close encounters with airplanes

If you have not already seen aircraft landing at the Maho Beach, watch the video below shot in the slow motion, to see how low the aircraft approaches over the heads of the large number of visitors, tourists or beach goers:

Do watch my earlier post on the Princess Juliana International Airport with more videos and the location of the airport and how beach goers 'dare' watching the aircraft and are 'blown away' by the thrust of the taking off aircraft.

Shared from the Daily Mail

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