Friday, February 6, 2015

A very powerful emotional Prayer - video

Praying to our creator is not an easy thing to do. We seldom put in our heart and soul when we pray to Allah the Almighty and just speedup when it comes to praying and try to end it as early as possible.

But the God Almighty does not want our commands - He want us to beg Him for mercy for He is the most forgiving and merciful and no one - no one else can forgive us for the sins we have committed. We forget when we sin - and it is only when we cannot take it any longer that we bow in front of Him and beg for mercy.

But as I said, begging for mercy and begging for forgiveness is not easy. I just came across a rather unusual and extremely powerful emotional prayer by Mufti Ismail Menk  and was amazed to find the very strong worded emotional prayer which even made the Mufti himself emotional and he cried. 

Please listen to the prayer, no matter which religion you belong to, for everyone of us has to return to our Creator, whom we call in many names. But it is Him alone who commands the universe, of which earth is so tiny that it cannot be measured. So listen to the prayer and pray along with the Mufti - for we do not know how soon our journey to the Heavens is to take place. 

Watch the video below (the video is taken from YouTube - therefore countries where YouTube is disabled, they may use means to enable it):

Pray now - before it is too late.

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