Sunday, February 8, 2015

Amsterdam boat ride

I have already mentioned how did we reach Amsterdam from Groningen by train and why. Now this the very next thing that we did after reaching the main central railway station of Amsterdam. As we got out, just across the road were boats in the river and tourists were flocked on to these to have a boat ride of the city. 

 Posing with one of the many canals of Amsterdam in background

Taking a Amsterdam canal tour or the boat ride dates back to 1621 when Queen Elisabeth Stuart of Bohemia was welcomed into the city in a parade of festively decorated admiralty sloops, with thousands of people of Amsterdam cheering on bridges and canal-sides. And since then, all visiting VIPs are taken around the city in the boats to continue with the tradition. So how could we skip the canal tour of Amsterdam!!

My sons consult the map while my wife looks on to finalize the programme (above) and are smiles (below) having agreed on what we were to do next: The boat ride!!
There were many packages - some offering entire day ride which also included off loading to any place of interest and then getting on the next boat. Since we did not have time as we had to go back the same day, we took the one-hour boat package. 
My sons working on the best package for the boat ride to suit our rather tight time schedule

The boat ride was fun to have seen the ins and outs of Amsterdam and still have time to go to the city centre for shopping and a visit to Madame Tussaud's wax museum.

But for now here are some of the photos I took while riding the boat:

My sons enjoying the boat ride


No, that is not all, there are still many more:

I could not miss including the photo of our boat captain - dressed in shorts was very lively and jolly while describing the buildings we went past both in Dutch and English

And of course me and my wife enjoyed the boat ride around Amsterdam

And how much is the boat activity in Amsterdam? You will be amazed to find from this following video that I came across on Facebook and am sharing to add interest in this post. Interestingly this video was shared just a few days after I took the Amsterdam boat ride.   Watch the video and be amazed:

Watch this!! Only in Amsterdam. By Peter Eijking.
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Well that was all about Amsterdam boat ride - my next post will be about Dam - the Amsterdam city centre. 

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