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Uncle Anis – the binding force for Pakistani students in Kiel, Germany

I have recently been in Germany to visit my son studying in the University of Applied Sciences in Kiel, Germany. Kiel has been an important sea port of Germany on the Baltic Sea and was the submarine manufacturing hub f Germany during the WW-II. It was thus destroyed by the Allied bombing, but the residents of Kiel joined hands together with the Turks immigrants and rebuilt into a modern city as it is today. It also has a university which draws a large number of foreign students from across the globe, of which a sizable number constitutes students from Pakistan.

Youthful days

And here comes in Uncle Anis – an elderly local businessman who is the binding force for all the students hailing from Pakistan.  For all new comers, whether for study or for employment, Uncle Anis’ house is their first shelter and jump pad.  And his grocery store during day becomes a discussion point for all those who come back after their interviews to share their experiences and seek guidance from Uncle Anis. And this because of his very pleasing personality that is attractive. He is soft spoken but extremely caring and loving - for in him throbs a heart of a gentleman and a true human. 

With squash champion Jansher Khan

Uncle Anis, as he is known among the Pakistani community, hails from Wah, Pakistan. His full name is Syed Muhammad Anis and is a graduate of once famous Rawalpindi Polytechnic Institute of 1967 batch – Sheikh Rashid of Lal Haveli Rawalpindi was his batch mate. Besides his studies, Uncle Anis was an excellent badminton player and some 22 years ago he came to Germany as the Pakistani team coach and then elected to stay back. And since then he has been here in Kiel, doing his own business besides being binding force for the Pakistani students.

 An official from Pakistani embassy (centre) chatting informally with my son Wahaab (right) while Uncle Anis listens on (left)
 Watching intently the proceedings of the first ever convention of Pakistani students in Kiel

Due to his hectic efforts and under his patronage, the Pakistan Students Association (PAS) convened the first ever convention of the Pakistani students in Germany. The event beside local Pakistani and German students also had participation of Pakistani students from all over Germany. The honourable ambassador of Pakistan to Germany was the chief guest.

 Informal sessions with Pakistani students (above and below)

My interaction with Syed Muhammad Anis would remain a memorable one as he was not only a good company, but also assisted me and my family in finding a temporary accommodation for almost three months. He was kind enough to receive me at the Hamburg airport and bring me to Kiel. Besides, he was always there for any assistance that we needed. After the closure of business, he would sometimes visit us and narrated his valuable experience. 

I with Uncle Anis (fresh from performing Umrah) on my last day in Kiel

Such people are a blessing when someone lands in the foreign lands and does not know where to go and how to launch one. Those aspirant Pakistanis who want to go to Germany and specially Kiel, may find Uncle Anis’ doors always open for any kind of help or assistance they may need. 

All photos are courtesy Uncle Anis' Facebook page

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