Saturday, January 3, 2015

Caught on camera

In most of the European countries, one seldom comes across police controlling the traffic unlike our motorways and even cities. But despite their complete absence, all motorists comply with the traffic speeds and none is found over speeding.

Now don’t think they do it by habit – they do so because they are being watched electronically all the time. And the locals exactly know where the camera is located and they artfully reduce the speed and get away with it. But this may be over simplifying the things, but the fact is that their fines are so stringent that no one dares over speeding.

But what about foreigners like me who was on the Schengen countries visit recently and was caught twice: Once in Germany and the other time in Switzerland. While German fines are far less, the Swiss are very stringent in checking and fining too. I had hired a car to visit the neighboring Schengen countries, which became the 'instrument of offence' for the traffic violation I committed.

General area of first traffic violation

I was caught on camera in Kiel, Germany while going to a market locate almost outside the city and was only 5-6 kmph faster than the requisite speed limit and at one place, suddenly something flashed. And I knew it what has happened – I was caught on camera.

Caught on camera

And sure enough, a few days after, a letter from local police arrived, with my photo at the driving seat and fining me € 15. The car company from which I had rented the car also came out with a € 20 further ‘processing charges’ for letting the police reach me.

Place of offence caught on camera

I was lucky in Germany, but not in Switzerland. One night while going from Zurich to a country side resort where we were residing, I again saw the flash. This time at speed zone of 50, I was driving at 61, so said the police camera, ad this time I was fined € 100. And the beauty of the thing is that the challan came to Kiel, Germany where I was staying as their inter-country traffic system is interlinked. 

So don’t take it for granted that if you over speed outside the country of your residence, you will get away with that. So be careful while driving in the Schengen countries and ‘respect’ the speed limits – lest you are also caught on camera like me.

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