Monday, November 3, 2014

My Schengen Travelogue


Traveling has always been my passion and I look forward to going to new places whenever I get an opportunity at hand. I have been to a number of places and have been sharing my travel experiences before or writing about others' travel accounts for the love of my readers interested in travel.

 A bakery in Groningen, Netherlands

My son is presently studying in Kiel, Germany at the Kiel University of Applied Sciences and this has been a good opportunity for me and my family to travel to Kiel not only to be with our son for a while, but also move around to see the world around Germany - or what we can say the Schengen Countries.

Shouldn't e saying where this pure steel structure stands!!

Thus we not only traveled across the entire Germany, we also got a chance to visit neighboring Netherlands, but also Belgium, France, Switzerland and Italy.

 A U Boat of German Navy of WW II at Laboe, Germany

Our Schengen travelogue was in two phases. In first phase, we visited the Netherlands and France athrough Belgium and in the second phase we went to Switzerland and Italy. 

 Rotterdam, Netherlands

This provided us to visit places like Amsterdam and Rotterdam in the Netherlands, Paris in France, Milan and Pisa in Italy and many cities of Germany. I shall from now on be sharing my travel experiences to these places and specially the photographs taken by me - something that is my weakness when traveling.
So keep reading and enjoying the part of the world as I saw it through my naked eye and of course through the lens of my camera.

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