Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Kiel, Germany - my launchpad for Schengen Travelogue

 A cruise ship docked on Kiel harbour

In my previous introductory post 'My Schengen Travelogue,' I mentioned the city of Kiel in northern Germany where presently I am and which became my launchpad for the travel to some of the Schengen countries the account of which I intent covering in a series of posts.

But before I do that, let me say a few words about Kiel itself, which is Germany's major port on the Baltic Sea. Kiel has been a traditional shipping industrial city and was almost completely destroyed in the WW II by Allied bombing as at  that time it was the manufacturing city of German submarines and other war ships.

However, after the war, like many battered cities of Germany, Kiel was totally rebuilt and today one does not see any signs of the destruction of war except the Bunker D and the U-Boat that have been preserved to remember the war days.

The name of the city is most likely derived from the wedge form of its bay (Keil in German).

Kiel is the capital and most populous city in the northern German state of Schleswig-Holstein. The city beside being a major shipping ort of Germany, is also known for a variety of international sailing events, including the annual Kiel Week, which is the biggest sailing event in the world. The Olympic sailing competitions of the 1936 and the 1972 Summer Olympics were held in Kiel.

after the war, many people form other countries came and settled here and took part n the rebuilding of the city - the majority being the Turks, and their presence is felt where ever one goes, specially the many eateries and markets bearing names specific to the Turks.

Herein under are some of the many photos I have taken so far of the city and am sharing for the interest of my readers:

 The ever efficient Kiel transport service
 Vinetaplatz - a typical residential area of the city
 A fountain in the city centre

 Me standing with the famous tower of the city town hall in the background

 I saw this massive Swedish dog and could not resist to take a shot
 My family in the city centre
 a showcase of women jewelry shop
 Media Markets are found in various parts of the city where one can buy anything that works on electricity
 Those who think VW comes only in Beetle design
 A city bus as seen from the overhead duct of the main city shopping centre

Halloween was recently celebrated in the city on 31 October and on Sunday two buildings in the city center had a monstrous slide show as can be seen from the following few shots. Reminded me of the enormous fire and light show at the Disneyland World, Paris.

 The city railway station (above inside) and below outside

 The city harbour with boats docked

 City centre market
 Although Christmas is more than month away, but shops have started to sell Christmas related good, sweets and toys

Well, this is all for the time being. I will talk of main city's attractions from the tourists point of view in my coming posts.

Photos: All photos have been taken by me and are accordingly copyrighted.

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