Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Beware of Air Travel Hazards - Fly Safe

Most of the tourist traffic around the world take place by air. Each year millions of travellers and tourists go for distant destination to enjoy their vacation and see lands and meet people they have never met before - or else meet the same people again for they leave lasting friendship tales. 

But in their pursuits they often face unwanted tragic accidents - mostly fatal as there are hardly any survivors after a deadly air crash.

So what to do? Abandon travelling? No way - most travellers would cry out. Yes one should not be afraid of travelling by air as mostly the air travel is safe. However, one should read the two diagrams below very carefully while planning a travel destination:

The above diagram shows which areas or countries are hazard prone and also lists aircraft which have met most accidents in yester years. There is also a list of 'bad months' - perhaps most important as the weather effects have a direct bearing on the safe travel up in their air.

Choosing a seat is also very important for survival in case of an air crash. See below:

The safety record of airlines from 1990-2008 shows which airlines have had accidents more than others. Try to avoid these airlines. But one can never tell as even sometimes brand new aircraft of some of the best airlines have gone down crashing for a very minor maintenance fault or a bird hit.

Do give a consideration to the factors and analysis above and fly safe.

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Felix Lee said...

Honestly, I am not really too comfortable with airplanes. Really gives me a shiver.