Sunday, June 3, 2012

Thatta Cement in the African Desert

I just came across a news story at Business Insider with the caption 'You Have To See What These US Soldiers Built In The Middle Of The African Desert.' Just out of curiosity I clicked on the slide show of what amazing feat was being accomplished by the American soldiers. Well as I went thought the slide show, I did not find something very unusual that soldiers of a highly advanced country could think of - nor was it an architectural marvel.

But one can appreciate the mind of simple soldiers, who came up with building an igloo like living that could save them from the scorching heat of the summers right in the middle of the African desert.

While going through the slide show, however, I suddenly stopped on the following slide: You know why?

They start mixing up a a cocktail of cement, dirt, and water

Just concentrate once more and you would know why: It is the Thatta Cement bag being used for the construction of this igloo the American soldiers were making. 

And many of you would know where does this Thatta Cement came from - from the scorching Thatta city of the Sind Province of Pakistan. Thatta Cement should be proud of their cement being used thousands of miles away in the African desert by the American soldiers for making something for which the Business Insider has shared the post.

See the slide show of the igloo being made by Thatta Cement by the American Soldiers in the middle of the African Desert: Business Insider


Asghar Javed said...

What would word do without Pakistan. We have a talent to support the entire world in so may fields. Well found.