Wednesday, March 14, 2012

16 Girls - and 1 Bicycle

There was a time when there used be lot of circus - probably those were the days when cinema was not everywhere and circus was the sole entertainment of people, speically where there were no cinemas. Even a memorable film 'The Greatest Show on the Earth" by Cecil DeMille that was made in 1952 perhaps still lives in the memories of those who saw it in their childhood.

Now circus has become a novelty and due to its enormity of size, participants and huge arena, it is now generally restricted to larger cities around the world. But as the technology intensifies, so does the tricks and acrobats. The main attraction of circuses are lions and elephants, besides jokers who perform actions to please the audience and make them burst into laughter.

Watch a video of the film 'The Greatest Show on the Earth' for the happiness of the world:

The main course however remains the acrobats who perform such feats that leave the audience awe stricken with their mouths open and eyes almost protruding out of the eye sockets.

The Greatest Show on the Earth was just a movies, though it had countless professional acrobats for performing various technical performances. Today I am sharing a clip from a real life performance of Chinese girls - yeas girls and that too lots of girls. See the feat of 16 Chinese girls performing feats of professional circus on bicycles - which like the musical chairs keep reducing until one bicycle remains for all those 16 girls. 

How do they do it - watch for yourself. But remember to watch till the end as it is the end that would leave you awe stricken and appreciating these girls for performing such a difficult feat: