Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Indian Wells: Ivanovic vs Wozniacki

In the early hours of the Wednesday morning, there is yet another interesting match in waiting - a match between the two former champions and WTA World Number Ones Ivanovic and Wozniacki. This match should be interesting as the head to head duel between the two girls for the QF spot attracts lot of fans and audience to witness the match.

Ivanovic vs Wozniacki
Ana Ivanovic who won the Indian Wells title in 2008 is all set to move on into the higher ranks. On the other hand the defending champion and number four Caroline Wozniacki is also no less and can be adequately dangerous to Ivanovic Wednesday morning.

In the recent years, both have met four times with equal success and defeats. Ivanovic won over Wozniacki in 2008 at the French and Australian Open. And coming on with an equalizer, Wozniacki  won over Ivanovic at Beijing in 2010 and lately in Dubai Duty Free last month. This puts both the girls in balance but this is a new arena far from France, China, Australia and Dubai. Playing in USA would be a delight for both as well as for the fans, though it will be difficult to remain awake till the match commences.

Ivanovic still regrets her losing to the Dane and says,"I felt like I was quite close in Dubai. The quality of the match was a little bit up and down. I'm really looking forward to a rematch."

Ivanovic's remarks speaks of a comeback. Who wins - no one is really very sure of. Let us keep our fingers crossed.

The match commences at 03:30 GMT