Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hottest Travel Destinations For 2012

Imagine lazing in a hammock on a remote beach in Panama, where boldface names like Angelina Jolie and Michael Jordan have been spotted. It’s a trip within reach-rustic-but-stylish hotels start at $99—and a country that’s remaking itself for 2012.

Discovering new destinations might seem next to impossible, but one of the wonders of travel is that there’s always someplace new on the horizon. And even when you think you know a place, there’s a hidden side ripe for exploration. To uncover 2012’s most exciting destinations, T+L crisscrossed the globe, bringing back everything from Toronto’s new hot spots to secluded resorts in northern Mozambique.
A panel consisting of Colin Barraclough, Vinita Bharadwaj, Jennifer Chen, Jonathan Durbin, Eleni N. Gage, David Kaufman, Alexandra Marshall, Ralph Martin, David Swanson at Business Insider has compiled a list of 10 hottest places for travelers as their travel destinations for 2012.

If you are planning to go out in 2012, do have a look of these 10 places and know why these have been selected for you - I may say....
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