Saturday, December 24, 2011

Vacationing on the Costa Blanca: Every Tourist's Dream

Traveling and vacationing are the most favoured pastime of people tired from their daily chores – something that gives them a respite from the noisy streets, smoky vehicles and cluttering office machines and noises. Generally vacationist opt for seaside resorts as the vast stretch of blue waters is not only soothing for the tired eyes, but also provides refreshing day passing in the clear blue waters and the white sandy beaches.

And talking of white spotless sandy beaches, there is no place better than the coast of Costa Blanca in the province of Alicante, Valencia, Spain. The beach beside the beautiful seascape is home to something that was conceived by the town mayor in the 60s – the Benidorm. The mayor dreamt of building a resort that should grow “upwards.” If he had the resources and the advancement in architecture, perhaps he had taken the Benidorm up to the skies.

Today the Benidorm is famous for its tall buildings, holiday apartments and hotels that reach up to 25 floors high, stretched along the beach westward. The town offers many tourists attractions, besides offering cheap villas for budget constrained tourists. As per an estimate, there are over 40,000 hotel beds and Benidorm apartments.  Due to the July-August crowd of young people, many apartments will insist on a refundable deposit for certain times of the year.

For those seeking prior information on how to go about when reaching the place, the Benidorm travel guide provides a comprehensive detail of the Benidorm and many other attractions offered by local restaurants and tour operators. The town has wide avenues with lush green trees lined like welcoming doormen. One can either select a restaurant for a lunch or dinner or just sit outside the alleys to sip a cup of coffee and watch the countless tourists hailing from almost every place on the globe.

Benidorm is an ideal sun destination both in summer and winter due to the mild climate where day time temperatures rarely fall below 18c. Benidorm has two spectacular Blue Flag beaches the preferred Levante and more sedate Poniente which is preferred by locals and families.

One can buy cheap leather and shoes, or the local cheeses and produce besides ladies mouth-watering delight - jewellery. There is a large market Sundays and Wednesdays which mostly has things you can buy elsewhere. In short Costa Blanca provides a lot of fun for the vacationists and tourists round the year, and the days spent here are a lifelong memory one cherishes. Have you already started packing for Costa Blanca?