Sunday, August 7, 2011

A rare video - Jacqueline Kennedy's visit to Pakistan

Jacqueline Kennedy, the USA's first lady visited Pakistan in 1962 on a state visit. She was heartily welcomed wherever she went and was received with open hands. Herein under is a rare video of her visit, composed of short clips of her visit to the famous Khyber Pass and the Torkham Border between Pakistan and Afghanistan, the Horse and Cattle Show in Lahore, a reception to her by the citizens of Lahore in the famous Shalimar Gardens

She is also seen riding the camel of famous Bashir Sarban, of whom I wrote about in details awhile ago when he was picked by the visiting American vice president Johnson and who later invited him on a state visit of the USA. Seen in the video are the president of Pakistan Muhammad Ayub Khan and also Malik Amir Muhammad Khan, the powerful governor of West Pakistan in his typical sherwani and turban and curled mustaches, conducting the tour of Jacqueline Kennedy. The governor also presented a beautiful horse named "Sardar (Chief)" to the distinguished guest during the annual Horse and Cattle Show which was held on 23rd March every year at Lahore.

It may be mentioned here that President Kennedy himself was allergic to any kind of animal hair, including that of the horses. But despite that for the love of his wife and later his daughter Caroline, he encouraged them horse riding. Jackie later nicknamed Sardar as Black Jack.

I found this video just by chance on YouTube and am truly grateful to HelmerReenberg for sharing this rare and historical video on YouTube as many would not have seen this before. And for those who were there at the time of this historical visit, this video will bring back their nostalgic memories.


Jamil said...

Sweet memories Jalal....we used to ask for his name...Bashir Kasotee!

KaramPaul said...

Ultimate meeting and sweet memories Jalal! Thanks for share with us. great post!

Jalal HB said...

Thanks Jamil and Amanda