Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Stretching JF-17 Thunder’s limits at China Airshow

JF-17 Thunder has been making headlines in defense circle around the world since this joint China-Pakistan production rolled out into reality a couple of years back. The multi-role fighter aircraft was keenly seen and visited by spectators and defense analysts at the Farnborough in 2010 as this was the first exposure of this unique aircraft to the western world.
However, JF-17 Thunder could not participate in the airshow at Farnborough for unknown reasons, much to the dismay of many a spectator and onlooker. However, at China airshow, the bird roared into the sky and enthralled the spectators. It exhibited its limits and stretches by showing all possible maneuvers. For those who wanted it to be seen flying at Farnborough, here is how it performed at China airshow 2010.

Here in the following video JF-17 Thunder is shown test firing a Chinese PL-5 AAM:

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