Saturday, June 25, 2011

It is finally the Wimbledon

After the US, Australian and French Open tournaments, it is finally the Wimbledon – the coveted Grand Slam, eyed by players as well as the tennis lovers all over the world. The games is on since 1877 and has produced some of the most awesome tennis players that still live in the hearts of the tennis lovers. This year, the tournament started from 20th June and will end up with the men’s singles final on 3rd of July, a day earlier to let the American celebrate their independence day on 4th of July away from their TV sets.

The tournament is worth $23.5 million, while the two lucky winners of the men’s and women’s single events will receive hefty $1.77 million each. Besides, Wimbledon traditions include a strict dress code for competitors, the eating of strawberries and cream, and royal patronage.

The special event of the tournament is that the All England Lawn Tennis Club is joining the rest of the nation in marking Armed Forces Day. On the middle Saturday of the Championships, the club is hosting - as guests in the Royal Box - 14 members of the armed forces who have been nominated by the Chief of Defence Staff for exceptional service - most of whom have recently returned from Afghanistan. 

The tournament will be played on nineteen courts that are composed purely of ryegrass. The main show courts will be the Centre Court and No. 1 Court, which are only used for the tournament two weeks per year only. The remaining courts are however are continuously used for other events hosted by the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club.

The game is already on, and heat is rising with every day’s eliminations and climbing of the ladders by the survivors. Who lifts the coveted trophies above is just a matter of days now. The world waits on nervously with their fingers crossed….