Thursday, June 23, 2011

Facts about people who Lie - and how to stop them

Ever wondered why people lie? Or I should say why do WE lie? The qualifying statement is inserted as almost everyone lies in varying degrees almost everyday. But there are some who lie as a habit, swearing to be telling the truth and yet telling lies without any hesitation or remorse or the felling of being guilty of doing so.

For those who are habitual, here is a step by step methodology to stop them telling a lie. Try it, it may help. Please scroll down till the end for "better results."


KaramPaul said...

Ultimate description on truth and lie. I like all the robot for describe this. Its a fact that everyone say many lies in a day! And at their every moment. I really really like this blogger's all posts. And the part of learn to Eye lie is awesome. You can notice a lie if a liar are infront of your. I read the full post proper and I learn many new things. So i always say that this blogger is true blogger! Thanks for share with us!

Essy said...

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Jalal HB said...

Thanks SAJS, Amanda and Essy for stopping by and leaving your input.
Amanda, I am honoured and humbled by your comments.
Essy, I am happy that this post was helpful.

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