Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Let the Nature breathe

It seems we have taken nature for granted and think that whatever bad we do it, it would still recover. But our misconception about the strength of nature from our misdeeds seems to “paying its dividends”. The ever widening Ozone layer is causing rising mercury all over the world, resulting into phenomenal weather changes, flash floods, melting of the glaciers and chocking of the earth. Conference after conference around the world emphasizes the need for a greener environment, but both governments and ordinary people pay a deaf ear to the cries of the worried environmentalists and continue to hurt nature and are making it difficult to breathe.

The heat emitted deliberately or otherwise is the chief cause of environmental disaster we are facing around the world. The unprocessed emissions from the chimneys of the power plants and other factories, the heat radiated by burning coal and wood, besides use of many innocent looking spraying devices is widening the Ozone, bringing in more UV rays from the sun, baking the earth more than its capacity. The baked earth is swallowing waters to cool, thus shrinking seas and rivers, allowing less wet vapors to rise and cause healthy rains. Rather the churning earth is the cause of rising temperatures, causing glaciers to melt, thus depriving the earth of its stored water sources earlier than required, making us lose this treasure and allowing lots of water go waste into the seas rather than made use of.

The incessant use of polythene bags without any worthwhile mechanism to recycle these is adding layers over layers over the earth crest, which is causing choking as earth cannot breathe from below a thick layer of polythene bags.

While governments are making policies and wasting time, it is up to the individuals to come forwards and do their part to help the nature to breathe. We do not need to make colossal efforts in this regards, but few simple things that we can volunteer to doe everyday can help ensure a cleaner and better environment with nature breathing healthily. 

See if you can take some of these measures for the future of the humanity:-
  • Stop using the polythene bags immediately and shop only at the store which uses paper bags. Also raise voice in your community to compel the shopkeepers in your area to use paper bags instead of polythene bags.
  • Likewise when going for shopping, try to pick up products that require less packaging as wasted packaging if not properly disposed off or recycled is harmful.
  • Try not to drink bottled water. Use tap water if it is safe for drinking. If bottled water is to be purchased, buy big bottles that are reusable instead of 1 liter or half liter bottles that are thrown away. These thrown bottles add to pollution unless properly disposed off.
  • For washing clothes, use lukewarm water instead of boiling water as to bring the water to boiling point, you burn more energy, specially the natural gas, which not only consume more gas and thus depleting the gas reserves, it also emits more into the environment which is harmful for the Ozone layer.
  • Use energy savers rather than ordinary bulbs, which give away more heat. The energy savers on the other hand consume almost two-third less energy. Also Turn off unwanted lights, specially those which are put on at night unnecessarily.  
  • Ever heard of Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC)? These are generally found in body sprays and other cosmetics. These CFCs when escape into the environment are a major cause of ozone layer depletion. When going for shopping next time, ensure buying sprays that environment friendly.
  • And one last thing, use less sprays of all kinds, especially those that emit CFC (chlorofluorocarbon), for these are deadly in depleting the ozone layer. Next time you go shopping, beware of sprays made of CFC.
  • Make your homes more energy efficient by using solar geysers and lights rather than burning gas. Put your geyser thermostat at pilot or at Low so that the entire night geyser doesn't run like a bull for no useful requirement when you are asleep.
  • Walk to your nearest store rather than using car. A research says that keeping one car off road two days a week can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by an average of 1,590 pounds per year. When using cars, ensure the tyres are properly inflated. Under inflated tyres require more energy to push the car forward and decrease fuel efficiency by 3-5%. Likewise drive at a constant 90-100 kmph (around 60mph) as any higher acceleration will consume extra fuel and extra burning, more heat release in the atmosphere. Besides walking is also good for your health.

These are some of the tips and guidelines that can ensure your contribution to help the nature breathe so that it allows us breathe healthily. Try these, these are easy to implement but have far reaching effects on our environment and surroundings. Nature demands a repay from us.