Saturday, May 21, 2011

At this very moment ….

Ever wondered that every second and every moment has a new dimension to life – our lives? While we enjoy a TV show or relax in our air conditioned home, there are many things that are happening around us that we don’t care to know or don’t want to be part of it, unless of course we become part of this moment ourselves.

While sitting aimlessly on my desktop, I just wondered what could be happening at this time that matters to many, and unknowingly to me too if I really cared. Here are some of my thoughts that wandered and jotted these down to share.

At this very moment:

  1. A new baby is born, who would know know why he came into this world and why he would one day go away.
  2. Many babies around the world may be standing on their feet for the first time, bringing that heavenly smile on the faces of their parents.
  3. Many like me finally putting on their joggers to go out on the jogging track to make an arduous beginning of shedding away pounds of extra flesh we have gained by not doing so earlier. By the way I really put on my joggers today.
  4. Someone is thanking a friend for helping him out of his long debt.
  5. Someone is taking on his pen for the first time to write his first post, that may one day become a masterpiece of literature.
  6. Someone is praying with tears rolling down for the forgiveness of sins he committed all along his life and hurt many a people in the process.
  7. A team of doctors is gathered around an operation table to save the life of a person who was run down by a run-away reckless car driver.
  8. Young children are smiling, completely oblivious of the dangers haunting the humanity or criminals standing by the next dark corner of the alley.
  9. A class-1 student is trying hard to solve a difficult question; the same child that one day may become the president of his country.
  10. Many honest people still working hard to safeguard our interests, despite being meagerly paid and have no money to pay for the school fee of their own children or buy a onetime enough meal for their families.
  11. Farmers waiting for the rain for the harvest that they sowed.
  12. Many volunteers are helping out displaced or calamity hit people without the lust of any reward and award.
  13. Many people holding hands in love and beginning a new life for them.
  14. Someone just paid more than the bill to a vendor selling cheap snacks to quietly help him out.
  15. Many couples around the world celebrating their first, 25th, 50th or even 75 wedding anniversaries.
  16. Many people are closing their eyes for journey to their final abode, leaving their heirs behind to fight over even as paltry amount as pennies.
  17. Someone sincerely forgiving someone who wronged him that harmed him all along his whole life.
  18. Someone extending a hand of friendship, while the other retracting his for still not forgiving age old enmity.
  19. Someone getting his first ever appointment letter after many rejections and failures.
  20. Soldiers marching on into their death knowing full well, only to ensure that others like I sitting here peacefully in my home, writing down these wandering thoughts, continue to live in peace.
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Asghar Javed said...

I was wondering about # 20 when I read this. Ya.