Sunday, September 19, 2010

Perspire and be healthy

In my last post, How to be healthy - do it the nature's way, I wanted to write about perspiration and its effects on the human body. But when the vultures scavenging the dead animal flew, they also scattered my thoughts to sneezing and yawning, leaving me no choice but to further limit my post. And that was done at the cost of the actual subject matter that I intended to write upon. But as I promised to talk about it in my next post, so let us talk about it – lest some other creature distracts me from it.

So first thing first – why do we perspire? I talked to a doctor friend of mine (commonly referred to children as “doctor uncle” in our Urdu films) and then looked for details on the net since I am an affected person. In summers, I perspire like as if I have just come out from taking a shower and haven’t dried up. So it disturbs me. And then when I overeat, specially when eating, my forehead fills up with the perspiration. And I take it as an indication of overeating and stop any venture into what remains on the dining table.

So I asked is it normal for me to perspire when I overeat? The answer came as a nod. In fact perspiration has something to do with the nature’s way of balancing our inner body temperature. In a lay man’s language, perspiration is our body’s thermostat that keeps our body temperature roughly at 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. This thermostat is part of our nervous system, located in our brains and keeps lowering and increasing our temperature through many means so that we maintain the average body temperature.

Now comes my problem of sweating when I try to overeat. I was told that our bodies burn some 2,500 calories to fuel our body every day. Remember, these many calories when burnt can bring 25 quarts of water to the boiling point (water boils at 100 degrees Celsius). So when this burning process is taking place, our bodies heat up due to rising inner temperatures. And unless we sweat or perspire, our bodies will burn. So this is what happens, more you eat, more calories burn, and to compensate the rising temperature, “I” sweat more. The perspiration is in fact heat emitted from the millions of tiny pores and when it is exposed to outside temperature, it turns into droplets of water, and we call perspiration. Perspiration should thus be taken as a blessing in disguise for our better health, inner cleansing and better and healthy livings.

These days are the humid days. When there is more water in the air. And it would be noticed that the water droplets of perspiration do not evaporate early as the air already contains water. So due to this slow evaporation process, some people think that they are sweating more, which is a misnomer. In fact you sweat almost the same as on any hot day, but due to slow evaporation you think you are perspiring more.

And when one fed up with the unbearable perspiration, here come in deodorants that help shielding that nasty smell of sweating, especially if in a gathering. Women are perturbed about how they smell, so they use these deodorants more than men. And this may be very dangerous for them since they do not know the hazards of using these finely smelling sprays. Likewise, men can also be affected with a dangerous disease.

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