Monday, September 20, 2010

Home fresh vegetables

You would have heard about Farm Fresh Vegetables many a time but not the Home Fresh Vegetables. Well we do get our supplies of farm fresh vegetables from the markets, even when these are days old, but are still labeled as farm fresh. And believe me even a day old vegetable will never taste as great as something plucked right from the plant. But not many in the cities have access to the farmlands, and thus their dream of eating farm fresh vegetables remains distant and obscured.

So how to eat fresh vegetables? Well you need a garden to grow your own vegetables. But how many of us are rich enough to own a garden these days? And those living in multi storied apartments cannot think of growing vegetables. Right? Well to my reckoning, you are wrong.

With innovations and using some old items from your junk yard, you can have your dream fulfilled, even if you live on the 100th floor. My wife has found many ways to grow vegetables by using items from our junk store and serves us food made from vegetables fresh from the Source – our innovative home garden.

Although we have a small green lawn, we do not want to use it for growing vegetables, as my wife is more interested in keeping it in shape and planting seasonal flowers and win prizes in annual flower competitions. But at the same time, she is also interested in growing vegetables “indigenously” to enjoy that freshness at almost no cost. The only thing that she has planted in the side of the lawn is lemon grass, I already talked about in one of my previous posts.

Our home garden resembles something like the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. By using rubber baskets and tins, we grow lettuce, strawberries, and lady fingers, even egg plants. For growing potatoes, you need more soil as these grow “inside” like roots. We experienced by stacking a couple of used car tires one above the other, filled these with soil we brought from the banks of a stream while on a picnic in the country side and grew potatoes. It works. We also use our earthen pots for growing tomatoes.

We have recently bought rectangular earthen pots to plant carrots, reddish, green onions and garlic. We did it once before and we had tremendous success. And we are pretty sure to have fresh green onions and carrots soon.

So do not be dismayed if you don’t have adequate space in your house or apartment. Your balcony on the 100th floor can be your kitchen garden – or “your” Hanging Garden of the 100th floor. Try it and enjoy the freshness of the home grown vegetables. Besides, the fresh vegetables will ensure good health of your family.