Saturday, September 25, 2010

Most important men in the life of the Man and Woman

Ever wondered who is the most important person in the life of a man and woman? Well I don’t know about you, but my younger son one day told me so. He asked me the same question and gave many options to him, but he had some sinister ideas. So when all my options dried out, he came up with his version of these two important men.

“For mother”, he contended, “Mr Muhammad Hussain is the most important man.” “Mr Muhammad Hussain?”, I asked in amazement as I had never heard of this name from my wife. My son smiled and said, “Mr Muhammad Hussain is the pseudo name of her tailor.” It made me smile too and I admired his observation and judgment. Because the way a tailor is addressed, even if he stitches the shirt from the cloth meant for the trousers and the trousers from the cloth of the shirt, it is all smiles with a mild reprimand. But imagine the same blunder being committed by her husband – only married men would know the answer.

Still curious and inquisitive about who could be important to me, I started to get the idea based on the tailor thing. But I still persisted to know from my son the answer, just to cross check my wild guess. And yes, I guessed it right. My car mechanic, Muhammad Naeem. For those, who do not know the ABC of the car engine and its problems, the car mechanic is the most authoritative person. As this man can, just like a wife, knows the art of getting as many blue notes out of your wallet as he pleases after a quick look at your face and the car. The more perturbed you look, more you have to pay. From simple tuning costing Rs. 500, the bill would swell to thousands as suddenly it would be announced that many other parts need replacement, lest you want to visit him very soon the next time. So once in the auto workshop, make sure you carry a swelled wallet to buy many accessories and parts before you drive out to the satisfaction of your mechanic. And that satisfaction is clearly visible on his face as you start to count the blue notes one after the other. A blue note amounts to Rs. 1,000.

I am much wiser now – may be you are too.