Saturday, September 11, 2010

An innocent gesture by a Turkish girl

Natural calamities and the resultant human sufferings always move others’ hearts. The devastating floods that hit Pakistan in July and still continue to travel downstream have had a profound effect on a nine year old Turkish girl, who has donated her pocket money for the entire year to the flood victims of Pakistan.

Merve Tekinay, from Koya (the burial place of one of the most revered sufi saint Jalal ud Din Rumi) Turkey, in a hand written letter addressed to the president of Pakistan writes, “I am sending you my one year pocket money of 150 Turkish Liras and my favourite doll for the people of Pakistan in distress.” She further adds, "I will go on sending my help. Don't worry. We are your best friend. I don't know how much needs, equal to our help for your situation. On behalf of our friendship I also send a photo of me. May God help you. Kisses."

She also makes a mention of the help rendered by the Muslims of Indian subcontinent during the last days of the crumbling Ottoman Empire and writes, “My father has told me that you helped us in our war of independence. So now it is my turn to help you in floods.” How very thoughtful and moving. And this realization expresses the love and goodwill of the people of Turkey in an innocent gesture by Merve.

I on behalf of all Pakistanis, and specially the flood affected people, thank Merve and people of Turkey for thinking of us in this hour of distress and need.

PS: The cash contribution of Merve has been deposited in the Prime Minister's Relief Fund account maintained by the Embassy of Pakistan in Ankara.


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