Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Let us lose weight!!

No? Oh come on – there are many means to do so. Get up early morning and go for a light run for about 45 minutes. Can’t go out as dogs may follow you? Buy a treadmill and do static running instead. No? Yeah I know buying a treadmill is heavy on your pocket (though you don’t mind spending much more on buying clothes and jewelry for your wife – or may be girl friend). Stop eating for a month. No? Then how can you lose weight if you don’t want to do anything?

Oh boy, what should I recommend you to lose pounds off your flabby structure to look impressive for “people around?”

OK!! As a last resort replace your diet with following or eat a diet which includes the following. Remember if you cant even do this, you can’t lose weight for sure. So this is your last chance to lose weight.

Like eggs? Well who doesn’t? So happy to start with? So replace your breakfast toasts with egg(s) – but don’t take more than two. This way you are likely to lose weight twice as much as against cutting on your carbohydrate rich breakfast.

Who doesn’t like apples? Remember the old saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” you read in your school? Well apples make you feel heavy and filled up as if you have eaten metal bars and don’t let you feel hungry for a long time. Not only this, apples also help in reducing cholesterol, aid in preventing diabetes. And above all, apples contain “pectin” that would help in cutting the fats.

Like Cinnamon? Well even if you don’t, start liking this amazing thing from today onwards. Cinnamon helps the body to metabolize sugar. In other words, it will cut down your blood sugar level and from your body as well.

Like apples, oats are a good source of carbohydrate that once taken make you feel full. Besides these whole grain oats will ultimately rid you from bad cholesterol automatically. Oats also contain healthy fibres – which are a good source of losing weight. So no need of taking medicines for lowering or removing bad cholesterol from your internal combustion chambers.

I have always thought that almonds add weight around my waist. But latest research on the subject proves it otherwise. Almonds are very rich in calories and without adding sugar into your system, provide clean and healthy energy.

I know you don’t seem to like milk since your childhood when your mama would run after you with a glass of milk till your bus stop but you didn’t listen to her. And she returned home every day with the glass still full of skim milk she thought was best for your growth. Well time has come to start taking skim milk, rich in vitamins and minerals, as it helps reducing weight and still maintain lean muscles.

I leave you now, hoping you would at least eat what doctors around the world recommend for fat people like you and me. Good luck to you – and remember if you don’t even do this, there is no way out except an operation theatre where they cut out your extra fats. And that’s more painful than these simple dietary adjustments in your daily eating habits. Choice is yours.


Asghar Javed said...

I am not overweight. I just look chubby :-)

Nice and useful post.

Jalal HB said...

Thats what you think - get on a scale