Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Piano played by the Beatles and Pink Floyd up for auction

Sometimes discarded objects become expensive - much more than the actual value as celebrity lovers and collectors would love to have something that were one used by the big names.

The Beatles [L] and the Pink Floyd [R]
August 15 this month, a Challen upright piano from once Beatles specific Abbey Road studios in North London goes up for auction. The piano has had the honour of being played by the all times famous groups: The Beatles and the Pink Floyd.

Paul McCartney played the Challen Upright Piano in a number of songs, perhaps also the famous 'Let it Be'
Since The Beatles have been and still are my favourites, the news of auction definately attracted me today.

It is said that the piano was played in the making of Beatles' songs “Tomorrow Never Knows” and “Paperback Writer.” As for the Pink Floyd, it is said to have been used in the recording of “Wish You Were Here” and “Dark Side of the Moon” albums.

The historical piano originally bought for 250 British pounds in 1964 is likely to fetch US $ 235,000.