Thursday, August 19, 2010

If you are a website developer or owner – you may read this

The world of www is a strange, very intricate, mind boggling and interesting. Barring a few who actually live in the www, the simple users who are in a vast majority would never know how much effort, aesthetics and hard work goes in by invisible people to even display a single innovative web page. I am sailing a boat between the two, for I am a user and a web developer (in its infancy). And no one than me would know better how to be a part of the web designers and developers. And even having designed a website, there are many steps that remain before a web appears on the internet.

For those who are learning to design their very own website, the Webhostingfan is one such forum. The forum provides an opportunity to read bloggers who contribute to this forum about their experiences in designing, its testing during the development stage and subsequently website hosting. It tells how to find a web hosting service to host one’s website, what is FTP and how it assists in uploading contents to the server. Then if one is interested in developing a site, it also assists in choosing a domain name, from where to get it and how to buy the domain name, and even sell it.

And those who do have a website are always vying to increase viewers’ traffic which in fact falls into the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) domain. Often learners get confused as to how to configure and optimize their site to attract visitors. What are backlinks and how these are used to bring more visitors to one’s site.

That is all for the beginners and starters. But what about the advance users and developers. Their world is very competitive and technical. They need to know the latest techniques and strategies to incorporate into their sites to attain and maintain an upper edge. The Webhostingfan answers all such questions that the designers and developers may have. And if you happen to be a blogger writing anything about the website development and related issues, you may also become a guest blogger at Webhostingfan and even get paid.

I, as a novice website owner, found the site very informative and have already started benefiting from it by reading related posts and webhosting news. And believe me it is very informative as I go on reading the previous posts.


Asghar Javed said...

I am a fan and this is a nice info.