Wednesday, August 18, 2010

“SALT” vying for Sugar

After her successful role in the recently released action packed film “SALT”, the daring actress Angelina Jolie has assumed her humanitarian role of the goodwill ambassador for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). The goodwill ambassador striving hard to generate fund and help for the grief stricken flood victims of Pakistan. She says she is doing the best she can to help the Pakistani flood victims. Pakistanis deal with “mass death, mass displacement,” she added, “and this situation is going to get worse.”
She is also likely to visit Pakistan, although the programme is yet to be finalized. But while that will be taken care of subsequently, she feels her presence at home is more important to mobilize people’s response towards the damage caused by the flash floods that have wreaked havouc throughout the length and breadth of Pakistan.
We wish Miss Jolie the best in her efforts to steer help for the rehabilitation of some 15 million people that need to go back where they had their house once. In most of the cases, due to the fast current of the floods, the houses and shops were washed away, leveling the property to literary nothing.
In the meantime, news has it that Miss Jolie is also getting braced for SALT-II to bring more action packed entertainment for her fans all over the world.