Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Summer Antidotes

Summers are really hard to live. From mid May to end September, there is no respite from the summer heat. (un)Fortunately we have the accompanying man-made partnership when the summer comes – our very no-dearly load shedding, which makes us sweat more than the weather and nature had ever desired. So where to go and what to do?

Well, fetch a cola to lower your temperatures. But do you think it really does? I don’t think so. But if we return to our very indigenous drinks, that in cities people don’t talk about much, specially in modern localities, lest they be labeled as “paindus – the villagers.” While in fact these drinks are the best and natural antidotes to beat the heat of the summers. Lets take these one by one.

The simple, easiest to make and perhaps the cheapest is the “Sikanjbeen – or Nimbo Pani” – or simply the local lemonade. Made from the juice of fresh lime, add sugar to your taste (shouldn’t be very sweet), a pinch of salt, ice and water. Easy, I told you.

Satoo and Shakar – Barley powder and raw sugar made from the sugar canes in the villages. Add water and ice and let me tell you this will be so refreshing that it will have a cool air conditioning effect on and inside your body.

Tukham-e-Malangan: I really cannot translate these black small seeds, which are added to a glass of sweetened water and drank. I personally don’t like these much, but this is a very favourite drink across the entire country.

Gannay ka Ras: Easily available along the roadsides, is the fresh juice of the sugar canes and ice added to it. Some say that this is the best to beat the heat and patients suffering from Jaundice are encouraged to drink this as it lessens the effect of heat (which is the main cause of the disease). But there is a caution here. Ask the vendor to first cleanse the sugar cane with water so that it is cleansed of the residuals left by the flies swarming on the sugar canes.

These are some that I recall. So instead of various types/colours of bulls available in the market, drink either of the drinks above. You may have four to five full glasses in the cost of one… bull. Give it a try – there is nothing bad if you are called a “paindu” while your thirst is quenched and heat is beaten off in a few bucks.


Asghar Javed said...

Tukham malangan is the best for those who have burning feet or burning stomach. Try it.