Saturday, July 17, 2010

Choose one: Deodorants or your health

With the arrival of summer, the use of deodorants and anti-precipitants increases to rid oneself from the foul smell of perspiration, specially coming from the arm pits. The deodorant and anti-precipitant manufacturers thus make millions and billions each year to provide people around the world with an antidote that looks good but may prove to be fatally harmful in the long run. Ever wondered why?

Well I haven’t either till yesterday till I went to see a skin specialist. During a discussion with another patient, the discussion on summers and deodorants started and I was baffled to know of my ignorance on the subject.

First of all let me say that anything that is natural has some logic behind it. Perspiration is summers is a natural process to take out harmful body waste – or you may say it is the nature’s way of maintaining a healthy body through this self working mechanism. But when we try to stop this through the use of deodorants, we in fact choose a bad option and make it unnatural. So anything which is coming naturally, shouldn’t be done for the sake of good health.

Now something about the ingredients of the deodorants and anti-precipitants. The wonder sprays contain aluminum, propylene gycol and parabens. Aluminum I was told is a major cause of diseases like the Alzheimer's and breast cancer. Aluminum is deodorants prevents body to precipitate (something all users of deodorants desire). Aluminum has been found in the tissues of the patients with breast cancer. Likewise high levels of aluminum has been found in the brains of patients suffering from the Alzheimer’s disease. This has been confirmed by studies and research in the laboratory tests when animals injected with aluminum developed neurological diseases which can be equated with the Alzheimer’s disease.

Likewise the other two ingredients have similar effects and are health hazards. So next time you shop for the deodorants, find ones which are aluminum and propylene gycol free. Take care of your health now, before it is too late.


Shi said...

Oh! I am for health.

Jalal HB said...

Then spread the word for others' health as well