Saturday, July 17, 2010

No more Boom Boom (Afridi) on test cricket fields

Shahid Afridi has been a restless player all along his cricket career. Always wanting to make quickies and scoring high angle shots that generally brought him back to the pavilion. But his dynamism, exuberance and personality traits kept the cricket alive and the crowd cheering and shouting. Everyone loves him to be around, though more often than not, he is a disappointment too.

He, due to his temperament, however never liked to play test cricket. A drain on the energy, requiring lot of concentration and stamina, which perhaps is not his style. He quit test cricket four years earlier, but was brought back to test cricket this year as no other suitable captain was available after a reluctant Younis Khan, docile Shoaib Malik and very de-motivating Muhammad Yousaf. And a reluctant captain cannot deliver as was demonstrated in the 150 runs loss against first test against Australia in the presently ongoing test cricket series in England. While Afridi did boom boom in the ODIs and won the series, he seemed to have run out of his stream in the very first test. He himself confides, "With my temperament I can't play Test cricket. t is better a youngster comes in my place, probably a genuine batsman or even a genuine bowler.”

So this decision of Afridi takes the the boom boom effect from the test cricket of Pakistan, unless there is a reversal of the decision by him. But the spectators, the crowd and his fans would love to see him in the ODIs and the T20s.