Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Burglars’ day at the World Cup 2010

The Johannesburg Police and security agencies have so far done a wonderful job in preventing any major disaster or even threatening the tournament or the spectators as well as tourists that have come from all over the world.

But the burglars struck at a different object – which was not being watched so vigorously or no one ever thought that burglars would hit there. Know what? They stole seven replicas of the World Cup trophy from the FIFA’s headquarters. Costing $225 a piece, the trophies were to be given away as gifts to various dignitaries. How many are left, that’s what counts now since finding the stolen pieces may takes days, unless the police acts fast.

It may be added for information that 56 special courts have been set by the government to speedily dispose off cases involving law and order cases or stealing and looting. In one of the court ruling, five hotel workers were convicted for stealing different items including a FIFA gold medal from the British team’s rooms.