Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Munir Niazai – a poet to remember

I am not much into poetry thing and translating and elaborating poetic strides during my school/college days used to be my worst nightmares. But one day I listened to a very impressive man whose manner of oratory and saying his verses made him different from the rest. He was handsome, elegant and a man of substance. He was Munir Niazai.

From then on, I always listened to him whenever I could. But when he died, I came to know the miserable life this great man lived and how he was not cared by others. Then when I started reading him with this added information, I realized that this was all he had been saying all along his life. His verses were full of sadness, neglect and the sorry state of his life he lived. One could feel the pain he had had felt. But yet he was a man of honour and dignity. While he would be always there to help others, he never asked from any one anything – anything at all.

He wrote both in Urdu and Punjabi. He also wrote for the films. His famous songs included “Oos be wafa ka sheher hai”, “Zinda rahey to kia hay jo mar jain ham to kia” and many others. His poetry will be remembered for a long time as long as those who value life and its true face read on.

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