Friday, June 18, 2010

Bhathooray – My Most Favoured Vending Junk

Awhile ago, I wrote “Vending Junk” that described many extremely junk food that I have the habit of eating. And as I said in my post at “Eat fish to remain Healthy”, “I eat whatever comes my way. From vendors to restaurants, nothing escapes me,” this in wholesome that is all about my eating habits.

When I was a school going kid, I would elect to walk up to my school, which was some five miles from my home, and save the bus fare to eat the vending junk. Beside many other spicy and groovy eatables, “Bhathooray” was my favourite. I wish I had some alternative name in English, but taste and joy of eating this delicious vending junk, and for me a Heavenly food” cannot be described in words. This specialty of Lahore is not sold in shops but roaming vendors, who carry a big round dish, called “Thaal” in local language on which Bhathooray are placed.

Let me try to explain what is this thing. Made from flour, with added yeast (that actually adds tastes in to it), onions, green chilies and a lot of spices. Everything is kneaded in raw oil and then small rounded breads are made of around 2 inch in diameter. This is then baked in oil, like parathas. Separately a thick curry of Kabuli Channay (white chickpea) is prepared, called “bhaaji”. So whenever you buy a bhathoora, it is served with the bhaaji of kabuli channay, onions and curd. Pardon me if I am unable to make you understand, but you should more be interested in eating this.

So this the dish I ate God knows how many times since my childhood. Once I took my children to Lahore Food Street (at Gawalmandi) and I saw a stall of bhathoorays and I jumped with joy and ordered a few to introduce to my kids. But unfortunately, these were not the actual ones and I couldn’t impress my kids. Recently, I came across a vendor, of same description as above, and I asked the price – which nearly made me jump as it was Rs. 20 a piece, which if I had had in my childhood for Rs. 20, I would have got some 160. But then that was long time back. So I bought five fro Rs. 100 and brought home. And boy how delicious were those. My children were finally introduce to this Heavenly dish their father has been eating since his childhood.

So if you ever come across a vendor selling bhathooray, don’t ask the price or the place – order a couple and eat right there. You will surely pray for my longevity for having told you about bhathoorays.


Asghar Javed said...

Bhathooray! Dont call them a vending junk Yar ;-) I live on them.

Jalal HB said...

I never knew you were into bhathooray too - next time I am in Lahore, you will have treat me with the best in town (followed by a big glass of lassi).

Anonymous said...

Done! I will. Shirazi