Friday, June 18, 2010

Don’t Forget to “Live”

Today I came across a wonderful thought that said, “Some people spend so much of their time trying to succeed that they forget to live. – Philippos.” And I just sank back into my reclining chair and started to think how very true. When I look back, I see me always trying to win yet another milestone, climb yet another step up the ladder and capture one position after the other. And to an extent I had been successful too. 

But did I forget something? Yes I did. I forgot to watch nature – I forgot to see the clouds shadowing over me when I needed a shade over me. I didn’t see the small birds making nests and feeding their young ones. I ignored babies crying on the streets and wandering aimlessly in their slums. I didn’t know how my sons suddenly grew up so tall and I don’t much remember how their childhood was. I missed their giggles and innocent laughter and meaningless stories they had been trying to tell me. I missed going out with my family to movies, picnics and parties as I was trying to succeed.

Now this small thought has made me realise that while trying to succeed and make myself elevate above others, I lost so much fun which I cannot have now. Living is not only capturing the sunshine everyday, it also includes drenching in the rain, stumbling down and getting up with bruised knees and torn clothes. Though too late for me to realise, I can only advise the enterprising youth to succeed while enjoying and living the life fully. Don’t forget your families and watching nature and sounds of birds and thunder. Success you may have, but lost days you would never. So don’t forget to Live.


Shirazi said...

Big point to ponder indeed.

Jalal HB said...

Yes indeed - thank you for reading it

Anonymous said...

Very true. Something I realized years ago is that one has to "schedule" happiness/fun/joy in one's daily routine just as one schedules other mandatory activities (going to work, eating, etc.). Essentially, one has to remember that time/life is a diminishing resource and should be used and planned carefully!