Saturday, November 14, 2009

Never Give Up!!

If we look back and peep into the history, we find countless anecdotes of people  who rose to prominence from very humble backgrounds. Why it is always so that great people are (generally) born from the rag tags – well I find just one answer to my question – they never gave up. Now the next question: Why??
This is the essence of the entire thing. Generally children born with a silver spoon have everything to themselves – from nannies to lots of pennies. Richness overflowing from everything that surrounds them – whatever they should desire is already present by their side. But a poor lad, deprived of all essentials of life, wandering in streets for a loaf of bread, or a penny has much to desire – much to get from his empty and torn pocket. This is then the point of jumpstart. It is this deprivation, be it monetary, literary or anything else. He starts from nothing to amass lots of wealth – wealth in real terms or wealth of knowledge. While many choose to continue living as they were, few decide never to give up. And it is these few, who we admire and remember today.
Any kind of advancement in any field of finance, knowledge or science is in fact attributed to these few who once were nothing but ordinary people, who chose to shape their tomorrows by not giving up. They had a dream and they set forth all their energies to realize their dreams. Many would make fun of them for their big ideas and ideals and quest to stand out from the rest – but they wouldn’t budge from their goal posts. They did not listen to the negative tendencies and refused to become pessimists.  And then there was no ending – they met success after success and became immortal for ever.
Today, many a brilliant people lose themselves by giving up midway – never ever caring to read how others, just like them, rose to greater glories centuries ago with far less resources, far less means of knowledge or far less opportunities to cash on.  I wish they cash on the wealth of knowledge surrounding them and dream of never giving up, no matter what – to become immortals.


S A J Shirazi said...

How can one be brilliant who gives up midway?