Sunday, November 15, 2009

Colours of Life

Night Rider

Nature is full of colours which helps in refreshing our eyesight. Even deserts have different shades of sand to break the monotony. Colours also speak of aesthetics, aspirations and life.  That’s why the work of art always fascinate us whenever visiting a photo gallery. But here in Pakistan, we have art on the move – the bright and colourfully decorated buses and trucks plying on the roads of Pakistan are an artist’s dream. Although these people involved in the “bus-truck art” business are mostly illiterate, but they produce such crafty artwork that one is almost over awed to see their finished product. Recently, a world tour by a French doctor on a old Beetle Volkswagen from Pakistan which has been decorated with the truck-art thing, has crossed the frontiers to introduce to the world this unique and eye catching art, perhaps synonymous to our part of the world only, beside promoting a better image of Pakistan. 'It's not all about terrorism,' he says. He calls his car a "Foxy Shahzadi", or Beetle Princess.
So now the world also gets to see this incredible artwork.


Anonymous said...

When is next travelogue coming? Shi