Sunday, October 25, 2009

Should we feel depressed?

The Lost Ghosts (Explored) 

The other day when the militants had a rollicking time in Lahore hitting the FIA’s office and the Elite Police Training Centre, a dear friend of mine who happened to have his office near the Police Training Centre sounded depressed and morose and confided that he felt scared of what all was happening in the neighbourhood. And my immediate reaction was “Why are you depressed? This is what the militants want – instil a feel of depression among the masses so that they pressurize the government to give in to the militants.” Although the events are pinning everyone down, there is no time for despair of being depressed – in stead we should feel concerned and stand up to the threat of these mercenaries / hired assassins who are working at the behest of countries averse to Pakistani nuclear programme or taking a revenge of some old scores.We also need to crate awareness among us so that we are better prepared for many such incidents in future as the “enemy” is very well paid and well backed, supplied with weapons, munitions and communication equipment  far better that than held with the security forces. The FM radio network in Swat remains un-jammable for long as we do not the right kind of equipment to do so. So all we need to do is stay united and do not allow wedges to be created into ourselves, both physically and mentally. It would only then that a spirit will be fostered to beat back the militants.
Remember – there is always bright light at the end of the tunnel. And this reminds me of the theme song of the feature film “The Poseidon Adventure”, which went on something like this: 
There's got to be a morning after, If we can hold on through the night
We have a chance to find the sunshine, Let's keep on looking for the light. 
Oh can't you see the morning after? It's waiting right outside the storm
Why don't we cross the bridge together, And find the place that's safe and warm. 
It's not too late, we should be giving, Only with love can we climb
It's not too late, not while we're living, Let's put our hands out in time. 
There's got to be a morning after, We're moving closer to the shore
I know we'll be there by tomorrow, And we'll escape the darkness
We won't be searching anymore.


Anonymous said...

You are optimistic. And in that you are right. I am with you in what you say here.

That said, what should I tell to a mothers who call me and ask, should we send the kids to School? Are you capable to protect them? Should I come and stay with them at school? The ground realities...

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