Friday, October 16, 2009

What do we need more – IQ or EI

Whenever we are talking of gauging a man’s intelligence, we always refer to his IQ and when one fails to achieve a laid down standard, we label the subject as having low or poor IQ. But do we really need to depend on his IQ alone?  A quotient mainly and largely dependant on his level of education from which he draws his logical reasoning, math skills, spatial skills, understanding analogies, verbal skills etc. But we often find people with higher IQ doing miserably in their practical life. And on the contrary, more often than not, we find people with lower educational certification or none at al faring much better in their own sphere of expertise. So what should be relying on more – the Intelligence Quotient (IQ) or the Emotional Intelligence (EI).
While doing a research on Human Resource Management and Behavioural Development during my MBA, I got a chance to read more about the IQ and the EI and it was then I realized that for doing better in one’s life both at home and in work area, a person with average IQ but a higher degree of EI is likely to succeed more for a case which is vice-a-versa.
EI in fact is related to social boldness and emotional stability. It strongly correlated with managerial self assessment as well. EI scores significantly predicted managerial effectiveness.  In fact emotional intelligence has emerged as an effective predictor of job performance. Emotional intelligence involves abilities, competencies and skills related to understanding of oneself and others, and adapting to changing environmental situations and demands.
When I view the on going crisis in the country wherein we are threatened with situations that require prompt, sudden and instantaneous responses, I find crisis management suffering because of the weak EI of the people involved in the field. Even the media tends to adopt a hyper approach and blows news and incidents out of the proportion which leaves a negative impact on the audience and the world. If recalled, sometimes back an ex finance minister spoke badly of Pakistan’s economy, his reasoning was more emotionally attached to his political affiliation rather than favouring the national interest – the end result?? An instant down grading of country’s financial rating by an international financial monitoring agency.  In fact the honourable ex minister failed to take more responsibility his feelings and failed to use his feelings to show respect for others and that of his country.
So as I understand of EI, I am now convinced that all personnel occupying higher slots of the government, organizations and companies must be introduced to the study of EI and be occasionally tested and guided by experts on EI if any emotional failings are observed. People with low EI may not be elevated to levels where even a slip of tongue could result into disastrous consequences.


S A J Shirazi said...

Both! One without the other is useless!