Monday, July 23, 2012

17 Uses of Lemons that may Surprise You

Lemons - the tiny yellow tennis balls that we use only in salads and some cooking recipes. But ever wondered how this small wondrous dot can really help you overcome your many kitchen and otherwise problems?

For example, how to cook your rice fluffy and sticky free? The easiest answer is use a rice cooker. But be surprised to know that a lemon can do the trick without using a rice cooker.

Well find out 17 wonderous and surprisingly simple uses of lemon as given below:

  • Polish chrome
  • Make food last longer
  • Keep rice from sticking
  • Get the gunk out of cutting boards
  • Kick grease build-up
  • Give your dog a makeover
  • Clean your cheese grater
  • Deodorize the litter box
  • Refresh your garbage disposal
  • Brighten your whites
  • Scrub your tub
  • Banish weeds for good
  • Ward off unwanted visitors
  • Cure your B.O.
  • Make a DIY humidifier
  • Keep neighborhood cats at bay
Impressed? Well read details about each above at Business Insider


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