Monday, July 15, 2019

People in Pakistan prayed for New Zealand to win ICC World Cup 2019 - Here is Why

While the final of the recently concluded ICC World Cup Cricket was being played, I and many Pakistanis had all our support for the New Zealand team. Not that we had any enmity with the Englishmen, but while watching the match and specially Kane Williams, our memory of APS Peshawar massacre flashed back. 

In December 2014, when the terrorists attacked an army run school (APS) and massacred innocent students, at that time teams of Pakistan and New Zealand were playing a series of ODI cricket in the UAE. Naturally, the incident was extremely tragic and heartbreaking for everyone in Pakistan, and even for the onlookers or those who read the news of tragedy.

It was at that time that the support and love of New Zealand Team for the victims and survivors of the APS students came to forth which was an extremely moving gesture ever to be expressed by team of sportsmen unparalleled in the sports history.

In those trying times of grief, Kane Williamson and Adam Milne of New Zealand team donated thousands of dollars in match fees and their kits to the families of the Pakistan terror attack victims. The gesture really moved every Pakistani and there were silent prayers of thanks for the New Zealand team, specially Kane Williamson and Adam Milne. After the Pakistan team came back, Younis Khan on behalf of the team visited survivors in hospital and distributed the pieces of kits beside handing over donated money to the families.

Younis Khan presenting Williamson's shirt to one of the survivors of APS Massacre [Photo: AFP/ISPR]

So when New Zealand and England were embattled in the final of the ICC World Cup Cricket 2019 in England on Sunday, I along with many Pakistanis prayed for the Kiwis to win the cup. Our prayers were almost answered had the Umpire Kumar Dharmasena not given his wrong decision of awarding six runs instead of five at the crucial stage of the match.

In fact the ICC should have taken a notice of this great violation of cricket rules and had at least awarded the trophy jointly to both teams for technically the New Zealand would have won the match had this unlawful decision not give.

Now that the event is over, we thank Kane Williamson and his team for amusing us with a more than world class cricket match and just want to tell them that they will always remain in our hearts for their gesture of goodwill five years back after Peshawar massacre in December 2014.

Photo | Reference: New Zealand Cricket Team Donate Kits and Funds for Victims of Peshawar School Massacre
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