Wednesday, January 17, 2018

15 Real Facts of Coffee you must know before it vanishes

Coffee is one of the most favoured and most drank drink all over the globe. Its aromatic smell and strong taste takes away one's tiredness in seconds beside refreshing one's energies after a hard day's overload. But there are bad news in the air that coffee may not be available after a few decades as the temperature in areas where coffee beans are harvested are on the rise which will make it difficult harvest it any more.

If that happens, as has already been forewarned, millions of coffee lovers will go dry and perhaps the future generations may never know that there one existed a heavenly drink known as coffee.

However drinking coffee is one of the most controversial issue facing the researchers, doctors and coffee lovers. While the lovers are not prepared to leave this steamy strong flavoured drink, some researchers warn of its side effects while many advocate its strong health benefits. I too am an avid coffee lover, but owing to my sensitive stomach and high blood pressure, I drink it with extreme care in modest quantity - a cup a day and no more.

So do read the info graphic herein under that lists 15 Mesmerizing benefits of Coffee in case you are not a coffee lover and facts you must know before it is too late to start drinking coffee everyday before its fades away into the history.
The 15 Real Facts You Should Know About Coffee
Source: Words I Seek

However, drinking coffee comes with many health cautions beside health benefits. Those suffering from heart ailments, stomach disorders and some other diseases, should be careful in drinking excessive coffee. In fact one must read about coffee before drinking it in excess of of more than one or two cups a day.
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