Thursday, November 9, 2017

If I only had time

In my teens I listened to very moving song "If I only had time" by John Rowels. But in the warmth of my youth, I did not really cared about the meaning of its lyrics and sang along without knowing what it really meant. But lately these lyrics have started to make a scene for me as decades after first listening to this song and having lost my parents, a brother and many friends since. All of them would have never known that they had ran out of time and would have still been planning to see the rising sun the next day - but time runs out without giving one any time to say even a goodbye or even wave someone nearby.

Lately another death made me realize how we are always running out of time, specially sine recently returning from Lahore, the city of my birth, where I had gone to see an ailing relative. This was my reason to go to Lahore when I embarked upon my journey, happily chatting with my wife - not knowing why actually I was going to Lahore.

We reached late at night and on way to our lodging destination, I passed by a friend's house and my wife said that we must call on him tomorrow for he has been a good man, lively, smiling and a true friend. And I said: "Yes, tomorrow we will go to him." Never knowing there was no tomorrow for my friend.

Early next morning I received a message that my friend has passed away. I was simply stunned to read the message - but he did not have time more than what was granted to him. I went to his funeral and was thinking that I had come for some other purpose but God has actually called me to Lahore to attend my friend's funeral.

Life is all about time - time that we do not have. We make plans for tomorrows but never really knowing whether it would be there or not. Instead of living today or whatever time we have, we plan on times that is never ours. People amass millions and billions but leave without spending - not even taking a dime with them in packed in the casket and lowered down in the grave to disappear from the world forever.

You may like to listen to the song by John Rowells now - wont you?

From now on I live as if it is my last time - for I do not know whether I would have time to write my next post or not or see my sons away in foreign lands or friends scattered around, or even my wife sitting in the lounge watching TV as life vanishes in matters of seconds. 

Do live out your time fully - and live your today smiling and loving those around so that they preserve your last smiling and caring face in the memories forever.

Photo: Pixabay
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