Saturday, August 19, 2017

Friends of Pakistan Celebrate Pakistan's Independence Day

On 14th August this year, Pakistan celebrated its 70 Independence Day as it was on this day in 1947 when the British Indian empire finally came to an end and resulted into its division into Pakistan and India. Muhammad Ali Jinnah, commonly known as Quaid-e-Azam (the great leader) was at the helms of the affairs to win over Muslim majority areas of the British India in the shape of Pakistan.

However, the Indians with their tacit relations with the then Viceroy of India Mountbatten had the roads leading to Kashmir amd included city of Gurdaspur in India - thus creating a long standing rivalry between Pakistan and India, which still continues till date. Pakistan supports the just struggle of majority Muslim population of Kashmir but the world concious continues to sleep to keep their eyes closed on the atrocities committed by the Indian Army to curb the just struggle movement of the Kashmiri Muslims to join Pakistan.

While we in Pakistan celebrate our independence day, Kashmiri Muslims in the Indian Occupied Kashmir also celebrate the day with Pakistani flags hoisted all over Kashmir despite brutal efforts by Indian government and army to silence their support and love for Pakistan. We in Pakistan hope that one day Kashmir will be free from the Indian yoke and join our part of Kashmir, God Willing.

This year, the 70th independence day celebrations were joined in by our Turkish and Saudi friends who sent their air force contingents to participate in the biggest air show in Pakistan ever and show their love for brotherly Pakistan.

The grand show started with excellent air show by Pakistan Air Force Mirage, F-16 and JF-17 Thunder air craft, followed by Puma SA-330, Augusta and Mi-17 helicopters of Pakistan Navy and Pakistan Army.

JF-17 Thunder, pride of Pakistan Air Force and a joint venture of Pakistan and China
The appearance of “Solo Turk”, the acclaimed Turkish aerobatic team of Turkish Air Force with Pakistan flag's crescent and star painted on their under bellies won the hearts of thousands of spectators below including the president of Pakistan, diplomats and other dignitaries.

The acrobatic show by the famous “Saudi Hawks” of Royal Saudi Air Force was simply spectacular and awe inspiring. The colours of coloured smoke and the roar of the Hawks filled the arena and dominated the show.

At the end, the para troopers of all three services of Pakistan Armed Forces after having had the free falls landed in the arena to end the day of heart winning festivities joined in by our Turkish and Saudi brethren.

About the Photos: All photos above have been courtesy Faisal Khan, a wonderful photographer who has been gifted with the aesthetic ability and the eye for the right moment and shoots it with a professionals eye. 

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