Wednesday, August 23, 2017

A Quick Travelogue: Three Countries - Three Capitals

Traveling is one of the most liked hobby or the pastime of people around the world. It now only allows us to see unseen foreign lands, but also allows us to meet people of different culture, speaking different languages, yet warmly welcoming tourists to their lands and making feel at home with their warm hospitality and love.
The tour operators around the world allow quick tours to a number of countries just within a few days, allowing the tourists to visit the landmarks of each city and even arranging visits to local festivals if in town.

Recently my two sons studying in Germany got a three days quick tour to neighbouring Austria, Hungry and Slovakia. The bus tour that left Stuttgart in Germany at night took them to Vienna by day light, and then after the night stay on to Hungry's Budapest thriving astride the famous River Danube and then to Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia.
Though the trip was intense due to time compression, they were able to visit the oft visited tourist sites of the three countries besides enjoying the landscape of the three countries while traveling.
I shall be sharing their tour details in three upcoming posts, dwelling on their run through tour of the three countries and the three capitals. Stay tuned!!

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