Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Woman Pilot of Pakistan Air Force Perishes in Air Crash

It was a sad day today indeed for all Pakistanis as a brave and daring daughter of the soil perished in an air crash in a routine training mission near kacha area, Gurjat close to Mianwali, Tuesday 24 November today.

Pakistan Air Force (PAF) Flying Officer Marium Mukhtiar thus became the first female pilot to have perished in line of her duty and joins many of her brothers that have sacrificed their lives for the defence of their country. 

Reportedly, Flying Officer Marium Mukhtiar was co-piloting a PAF FT-7PG flown by Squadron Leader Saqib Abbasi when it developed a technical fault. Both pilots ejected the aircraft before it crashed and succumbed severe injuries. They were evacuated nearby military hospital, where Flying Officer Marium Mukhtiar succumbed to her injuries. As per reports, the two pilots did their best to avoid the aircraft hitting the populated areas on ground and in the process had come to close to the ground when they finally ejected. Although the aircraft was equipped with the Martin Baker Mk10 zero-zero ejection seats, the fatality of both pilots can thus be attributed to the rather delayed ejection.

Marium always wanted to do something different and was inspired by the pomp and awe of the life of the fighter pilots. Stepping into the cockpit of a fighter jest was thus her challenge to accomplish. And she entered the window of opportunity when Pakistan Air Force opened its doors to the daughters of the country.

Although her mother had been concerned about her decision to join the force, she went ahead with her dream and became one of the few female pilots in Pakistan Air Force.

Just 24 years of age, she was hoping to challenge the enemy one day in a dog fight. But her life was too short for her dreams of catching an enemy mid air. 

Watch a video by BBC in which Marium appears and shares her dreams and aspirations:

Flying Officer Marium Mukhtiar shaheed - November 24, 2015
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More will be added as more is known about Marium Mukhtiar.

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