Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Moon, Clouds, Night and I

One is never ready for scenes when these appear - specially when one is driving. But last night I tried to prove this as I was driving alone and I could see the moon, almost full, near a piece of clouds. I was so fascinated by the scene that I slowed down and kept looking at the moon.

But then suddenly moon hid behind the cloud - and that was when it forced me to stop. The moonlight made the edges of the cloud to glow - a perfect scene to be shot instantly - a moment to be frozen before it was too late.

And I froze the moment with my Galaxy S4 smartphone camera - for this perhaps is the most lovable shot that I have ever taken. I wish I had my Nikon Coolpix L280 camera with me to have shot the moment with much more clarity. But this is what all I could get - for me its is simply amazing.

Zoom did not come out well

I tried the zoom, but it carried lot of noise as can be seen in the second shot. Have you ever tried such shots while driving?

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