Monday, October 26, 2015

Pakistan Army team wins Cambrian Patrol Competition - Teams India and US stand second

Pakistan Army though smaller in size than many armies of the world, specially the neighbouring Indian Army, is an army of highly professional soldiers, which makes up for its numerical imbalance by its highly skilled manpower and trained soldiers.

And the high standard of training, motivation and leadership of its soldiers shows- not only on the domestic scene when fighting the menace of terrorism, but also internationally when participating in competitions and exercises where the best teams from around the globe are also participating.

Cambrian Patrol is one such prestigious patrolling competition which is held every year in the Wales under the 160th Infantry Brigade of the British Army in the rugged and harshest terrain of the Welsh Black Cambrian Mountains. This year the competition was held from Friday October 16 – Sunday October 25.

It may be added that Exercise Cambrian Patrol began in 1959, when a group of Welsh Territorial Army soldiers designed a weekend training event featuring long-distance marching over the Cambrian Mountains and culminating in a shooting match on the Sennybridge training area.

This year around 140 teams from a record number of international patrols, with teams from New Zealand, Poland, Pakistan, Czech Republic, France, Denmark, Australia, Holland, Ireland, India, Canada, Chile, Brazil, The Royal Army of Oman, USA, Poland, Switzerland, Lithuania, Nepal and Georgia participated.

The competition tests the planning, leadership qualities, military skills and above all stamina to beat the rugged terrain of the patrolling area of some 55 kilometres with a heavy gear and equipment weighing 60 pounds hanging on their backs. During the patrolling exercise which spans over two days and nights, the teams, comprising eight men, are subjected to fieldcraft challenges, cold river crossings in full gear without boats, mock attacks on enemy positions and other specialist challenges like First Aid, Map and Compass Skill / Practical Navigation, Weapon Handling, Field Craft, Fire and movement (Up to section level senior patrols), Communication, Marksmanship, Country Code and Harbour/Hide Drills.

Teams that successfully complete their mission are awarded a gold, silver or bronze medal or certificate of merit.

This year, the Team Pakistan secured the first position, shared with that of New Zealand, while Teams USA and India secured the second place. Team India may have gone in to depression for they always boast of being superior to Pakistan - this loss and Pakistan's victory should open their eyes and take stock of their boasting all over the world.

Watch a small video of the competition, shared on Facebook by my friend Anwar Khan, and the announcement of the gold medal winning team:

The Champions PAKISTAN
Posted by Anwar Khan on Sunday, October 25, 2015

Well done Team Pakistan Army!!

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