Friday, October 30, 2015

Two days and two nights in Lichtensteig, Switzerland

From Frankfurt to Switzerland, our next destination was Lichtensteig - a countryside small town some 57 kilometres east of Zurich. It was here that we had booked a motel for our two days and two nights stay in Switzerland.

Why Lichtensteig and why not Zurich - some may ask as there are very fine hotels in ZUrich and instead of travelling for one hour each day from this small countryside town to Zurich was just wastage of time?

Well my son had a answer for this: When looking for hotels before we left Kiel, Germany, he was mindful of his father's dream of visiting Switzerland and a place which was quiet, refreshing and pure. Naturally such place was not possible in Zurich - a big city with all its noise and crowd. So he looked for motels in the countryside around Zurich and that is when he found one motel in Lichtensteig.

And when we were heading towards Liechtensteig, I was rather getting jittery on the distance of the place from Zurich as it took almost one hour from the Zurich turning to the Lichtensteig. But when we reached the motel, the freshness of the air with a strange pleasing aroma took away all my tension and reservations - and believe me I felt rejuvenated

The motel we stayed in has a picturesque view of the countryside and whichever window we looked from, it was pleasing to see lush green hills covered with thick carpet of grass and vegetation, guarded by tall forest trees.

 Street of Lichtensteig - good to find old pal Morris Minor 1000
 My son standing in the balcony  - the place I sat and enjoyed my morning coffee

The motel was one of two best abodes we had in our entire tour of France, Switzerland, Italy and Holland. The second best was in Milan, Italy - I will talk about it when we reach Milan!!

The motel with its slanting wood roof was complete in all respect. It had a small kitchenette with all necessary utensils and cutlery, that came handy for my wife to fix us a dinner on the very first night and later for making sandwiches fro carrying along for our day spending in Zurich and then for the road while going to Italy. The bathroom wa simply superb with extraordinary fittings and facilities including the jacuzzi.

The motel also provided a large screen TV and a powerful music system - something my sons enjoyed to their full. And before I forget, there was a coffee maker with dozens of flavoured coffee sachets and we made sure we taste each one of it and of these a few I tasted when I sat in the balcony and sipped it sip by sip amid the cool and sweet smelling breeze of Switzerland. I will talk about in one of my next posts.

Evangelische Kirche - The new city church
 We posing with the tremendously rich and lush green background

And as I said, it was from here that we went out to Zurich to spend the entire day and while we were here, we enjoyed the Swiss mornings and nights to our fullest. If you happen to be visiting Switzerland and want to really enjoy your stay in a true countryside, mark Lichtensteig as one of the best place you would ever come across in Switzerland.

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