Thursday, May 14, 2015

Paris Disneyland - A ride in Star Wars simulator

My family posing in front of the X-Wing fighter at the Star Tours entrance

Continuing with my previous post on our visit to Disneyland Paris, and after having a freshly prepared fish burger, we had just the right kind of energy to move on. My sons were to too quick to spot an X-Wing fighter and dashed towards it. 

 C-3PO at the entrance of the simulator

 A R5 droid 

A long queue finally took us inside where familiar Star Trek characters like C-3PO and A R5 droid  could be seen conversing in their typical voice to the amusement of the tourists.

The main feature of the Star Tours is the Star Speeder 3000 simulator which if not ridden, one would regret after learning from those what happens inside.

 The entrance and seating plan ofthe Star Speeder 3000 simulator

There were five entrances to the simulator and a limited space to sit. So you have to wait till your turn comes and enter a dimly lit with red light cabin laded with travel seats. One has to securely strap oneself with the seat belts as what follows next will take the air out of you.

 Me and my family getting readied for the ship to take off

Having ensured by the cabin crew that everyone is securely belted, the lights go off and with a heavy jerk, which no one expected to come so soon, the craft takes off. And then the simulator is not resting - jerking right and left and even going up and down. I tried to take a few photos, but the jerky motions were too strong to let me shoot what was being seen on the screen ahead.

The blurred photos (above and down) are proof of what I said about jerks and movements. So I put aside my camera and decided to enjoy the ride. By the time it ended, old people like me had all their bones displaced and it took some time for them to assume their original positions!!

 My sons coming out while my wife watches on in the background

 A friendly droid bids farewell to the simulator riders on their way out

Smilingly we were out, though from inside our hearts were still beating at a star trek speed.

This brings another adventure into the Paris Disneyland - but there is so much that is yet to be told. So keep looking for my posts on Paris Disneyland.

Continuation of my previous post: Disneyland Paris - a childhood dream comes true
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